Welcome, Big T Catholic!

If you are dedicated to going to Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation.

If you are trying to raise good Catholic kids in an un-Catholic world.


If you've ever

  • Joined a Catholic Online Group...and felt horribly Un-Catholic
  • Followed a Catholic blog...and wondered how you could be such a horrible Catholic
  • Been new to a parish faith group...and felt like a total outsider

Then THIS is the blog for you. 

Big T, Little t What begins with T?

There are lots of ways to be Catholic. The Church is universal after all, and a universe is a huge place. We are all called to be Holy - to be Saints, but we are not all called to get to heaven by the same path. 

          ♦ If you've ever felt guilty because you don't celebrate your kid's baptism day.

          ♦ If you've ever felt guilty because you don't pray a family rosary every day (or ever).

          ♦ If you've ever felt guilty because you are not as good as all those Catholics you see online,  just stop


It's not about all that. You are now among friends.

Being Catholic is about a Relationship with God

That's our faith in a nutshell.

Most of those Catholic things that send you on a guilt trip are fine in and of themselves, but they

Are. Not. Required.

Our fabulously wonderful Catholic Faith, as described to me by the wonderful Adult Bible Study minister at our parish, is based on these three "legs of the table"

          ♦ Sacred Scripture

          ♦ The Magisterium 

          ♦ Sacred Tradition

See that last one? The BIG T? If you can do all the things the Big T of the Catholic Church is asking of you - well you're farther along than lots of people and doing fine.

Pass it On