Why You Should Get Dressed TODAY.

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Are you a SAHM who is most often seen in leggings and a t-shirt? Do you find yourself less-than-motivated to do work around the house? Postpone errands for another day? Lay around with the kids watching Stinky and Dirty?

Feeling lazy? Guilty about not accomplishing much? Here's a tip, because it helped me.

Get Dressed Every Day
Get Dressed Every Day

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Who doesn't love leggings?

I get it. It is so easy to wear comfy clothes because you are home all day. You chase kids. You drive to school. You do chores. Or at least you want to.  I love house pants (as we call sweats and such). I live for the days I have nothing to do and can dress down. 

Guess what? On those days, very little gets done. By anyone.  Especially me. 

Let's come at it from another angle. Do you dress up for Mass on Sundays? For as long as people have been going to churches, they have been wearing their "Sunday Best" when they went. 

Have you ever worked in a corporate environment? My husband has a "dress code" for work. Kids have dress codes (or uniforms) at school. Why is that?

Some pretty simple reasons come to mind. 

  • Respect for the Mass, the school, or the workplace.
  • Professionalism
  • Mindset

Yes, mindset. When you dress up for Mass you tend to feel less casual, and that's a good thing. You sit up straighter.  Dressing for work? You act professionally, deal with clients and make a good impression.  Uniforms at school promote neatness, and pride in the organization. 

All these things apply to your home as well. 

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Don't Make It Complicated

We used to be a homeschooling family (more on that another day), and it was so easy to just let everyone wear PJs. So easy. Even after the oldest started at the local school I was a jeans and sweatshirt kind of mom. You could also call me a "lazy" mom. I wasted time, felt lethargic, etc.

The funny thing is we have a rule that the kids can't wear house pants to school unless it is a day for PE. They grumble, and I tell them that school is their JOB, and if they dress well, they will do better. "Dress for success," I think the old saying goes.

Then I realized that being a Mom and housewife was my job, and if I started treating it like that, and dressing for it, maybe just maybe things would get better. 

And they did. When I take the time (like 5 extra minutes) to get dressed in "real clothes" in the morning the days go better in so many ways. 

  • I lounge around less often
  • I can run errands when I need to
  • I feel put together - and better about myself
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Nothing to Wear?

My biggest roadblock was having a closet full of two things:

  • Sweats and tees
  • Clothes purchased without intention

You know it's in your closet too - all those clothes that were too cute, or on sale that just sit there. Wasting space and money! That was me too, and that was a huge part of what was holding me back from getting dressed in the mornings. 

Does that sound like the productive use of your time and money? I didn't think so either. At the same time, I had no idea how to build a wardrobe that was intentional, and that suited my lifestyle. So I did what anyone else does these days, I headed to Pinterest to check things out. 

Then I found this...

There were so many "capsule wardrobe" and "minimalist wardrobe" guides out there and they all had great photos of what to buy. Awesome! However, that only solved half of my problem. I could have a room full of clothes and still just stare at the closet. 

Corina's Blog, Community, and Plan solved all those problems for me. The Full-Year Wardrobe Plan includes all these features I didn't find anywhere else:

  • How to choose your colors
  • Pictures of what to buy
  • Links to where to buy them (if you really don't want to think about things)
  • Pictures of every outfit, for all four seasons!

That last point is what really sold me. I don't even have to think about what to wear, I printed and laminated the guide and just flip through to something that matches the weather and what's clean. So. Easy. 

I really encourage you to check it out and at the very least download the free guide and request to join her Facebook group Frumpy Fighters. You will be encouraged and inspired!

If you want an even more personalized wardrobe, you can combine this great plan with the YourCloset App, from the Google Play Store. It lets you take photos of all your clothes and organize them into outfits. You can even schedule what you will wear on a calendar. I have just started, but I hope to use the Full-Year Wardrobe as a guide and have my clothes in the pictures to make it even easier to dress each day - or week if I plan ahead. (More on this app after I have used it for longer). 

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Why it's Stewardship

I could not wait to write this post. I have been a new person after taking the time to look and feel my best. Having a plan is the key to making this work. Remember, stewardship is how you use what you have to give your best to God. How does a wardrobe like this fit into a stewardship lifestyle?

  • Spend less on clothes because you have a PLAN for what to buy - you don't just buy whatever you see. (Treasure)
  • You thoughtfully go through the clothes you do have to find what will work (at least for the time being). (Treasure)
  • You spend less time staring at your closet in the morning (Time)
  • You have a better attitude and get more done when you are dressed each day in "real clothes" (Time and Talent)

Your kids will thank you. Your husband will thank you. You will tank yourself. Aren't those good enough reasons?


God Bless,


I encourage you to try some method of getting dressed every day. Try it for a month, and let me know what a difference it makes for you!


  1. Dena! What great insights & sharing this is. I am Definitely sharing this blog. So nice to read about what you are bringing forth for yourself, family & moms! Keep sharing your words of wisdom – like a farmer sowing grain – you never know who will be fertile ground for positive growth!

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