About Dena


Nice to meet you! I'm Dena Christensen, a Catholic,  a wife, and at-home mom of four awesome boys. 

I help busy Catholic Moms become faithful, practical stewards of their blessings - time, talent, and treasure. 

Feel like something's missing?

You've heard the call to stewardship again and again, but you can't see how stewardship fits into your crazy hectic life.  Sharing your "Time, Talent, and Treasure" seems like a goal for someone else.

You've found the right place if you've had these thoughts.

You see all those other moms who have it all together and instantly give yourself a guilt trip for not being good enough.

Is this you? I used to feel that way too.

Let me tell you a story...

I've seen a lot of things in my days. I am a Catholic who spent a good number of years of hanging onto the faith by a very fragile string. I know the fear you feel if you've fallen away and want to come back. That,"Oh my goodness I CANNOT go to confession. Are you crazy?" (PS: you can, and it's awesome)

After coming home again I quickly found myself married, with four boys running around our house. From my first son's birth forward, the Judgment Mindset was something fierce. 

House a big dirty mess? Housewife Fail.

Screaming at the kids? Mom Fail.

Do people really celebrate feast days? Catholic Fail. 

Tithe? I don't even have a budget.  Finance Fail.

I was judging myself in every aspect of my life. Stewardship was the last thing I thought I could do because it was too hard, and best left to SuperMom. 

But That's Not True

Stewardship isn't a pass-fail sot of thing. It's a lifestyle. You live it where you are.  That's why I started this blog. I want to show you that there are all kinds of Catholics, all kinds of moms, and all kids of Stewards. 

Everyone is called, and everyone can succeed.  There are so many ways to create peace and joy in your life - to really count your blessings and realize that you, your family, your life - it's all wonderful. 

God Bless,


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